Space is a 2D plane, where locations are identified by an X and Y coordinate. The top-left point is (0, 0), with positive X extending towards the right and positive Y extending toward the bottom. All distances are Euclidean sqrt(dx^2 + dy^2). Note that this makes the coordinate system left-handed!


The basic unit of your fleet; a nimble ship built by depositing layers of pure Halite You start with three, but you’ll want to make more.


Property Description Default Max
Health Don't let this hit 0. 255 255
Velocity How fast you're going. 0 7 units/turn
Attack Damage Reduce enemy ships' health. 64 64
Attack Range How far away you can attack something. 5 units 5 units


Command Turns Description
Thrust 1
The direction you want to accelerate in. Note that positive angles go clockwise!

How much you want to accelerate. 0-7 units/turn.
Dock 5 Dock a ship to a planet, so that we may use its resources. Ships cannot attack and is vulnerable during dock
Undock 5 Undock a ship from a planet, so that you may use it again. Ships cannot attack and is vulnerable during dock


The basic unit that generates Halite ships, you can conquer planets, fight other plays for control of planets and dock to generate more ships from the Halite. Resources are essentially infinite for all planets, the larger the planet the more ships that can dock to it and corresponding generate more ships per turn.


Property Description Default Max
Health Varies from planet to planet, function of radius Random Random
Radius Varies from planet to planet Random Random
Dock Radius The distance from the planet edge a ship can dock 4 units 4 units
Explosion Radius On planet destruction, ships are destroyed if they are within this radius 10 units 10 units
Docking Spots A function of the radius. Larger planets have more docking spots Function of planet radius Function of planet radius
Production Rate at which ships can be mined from a planet 1 ship/12 turns Per docked ship - (1 ship/12 turns)
Spawn Radius Distance from the planet edge where ships are spawned 2 units 2 units