Throughout the competition, Two Sigma, the creator of Halite, and its partners will be hosting hackathons for players to compete against smaller pools of players. Some examples include a High School hackathon in NYC in November and a public Hack Night at Cornell Tech.

Join a hackathon

If you’d like to join an existing hackathon, it’s easy to get started.

  1. Get a hackathon access code. If you’re joining a public hackathon, the code will be available on the hackathon page, or if you’re joining a private hackathon and can’t find your code, you can email to get a new code.

  2. Sign up for Halite Sign up for a Halite profile by connecting your Github.

  3. Verify your email Some hackathons require that you verify a school or company email. You can do this by adding your email to your profile and then confirming by clicking the link in the email sent to you. If you’ve already signed up for Halite, you can always edit your profile to join an organization.

  4. Add hackathon code You can joing a hacakthon by editing your profile and adding your code at the bottom of the page. You can check that you’ve been added to the hackathon in your user profile.

  5. Submit a bot If you play the game during the dates of the hackathon, you’ll see your score on the hackathon leaderboard. Submit a bot.

Leaving a Hackthon?

If you want to leave a hackathon, email us at with your Github email and the name of the hackathon you want to leave.

Create your own hackathon

You can also hold your own hackathon, Meetup, or classroom competition by creating a hackathon page on the Halite II website.

Follow these steps to get set up.

  1. Email the following content for your hackathon or event:

    • Hackathon or event name
    • Hackathon or event location
    • Start and end date
    • Description of your hackathon or event
    • Thumbnail image (optional)
    • Let us know if the hackathon is open to all or is private
  2. You’ll get a page URL and signup code from the Halite team (expect a few business days for turnaround)

  3. Share your signup code (and the instructions above for joining a hackathon) with your invitees!

Tips and resources for a great hackathon

It can be hard to get started with Halite II - there are rules to learn, setup to do, and code to write. Here are what we believe are the keys to great Halite events:

  • Get people set up ahead of time: Make sure your invitees have at least watched some games, skimmed the rules, created accounts, and/or joined the hackathon prior to arrival

  • Demo the game: Show videos like this of the best player’s bots. Watch in slow motion so participants can understand what’s happening by clicking on the ‘3x’ menu button.

  • Walk through basic bot improvements. This tutorial for how to improve the basic bot makes a great intro for new players.

  • Give bots time to calibrate. Even if players submit bots on a given hack night, scores may not settle for a few more hours. Make sure you have a way to celebrate victory the next day after results are in.

We hope you enjoy playing in a Halite hackathon!