While our matchmaking does not guarantee that you will play against these bots, these bots are a good indication of how your strategies compare how we think about difficulty levels.

As the game evolves, we expect some of these bots to drop their existing ranks fast. Check out where they are in the leaderboard now.

Halite Bosses

Boss Difficulty Description Profile
Admiral Advanced An advanced bot that was ranked top 3 in our short internal hackathon. Advanced micro-management of with an emphasis on decision making. tsadmiral
Captain Advanced An intermediate bot that was ranked in the top 10 in our internal hackathon with significantly better micro-management of ships and path finding. tscaptain
Commander Beginner A simple optimization of the strategy in the standard settler bots in the starter kits. This bot beats settlers easily. tscommander
ML-Commander Beginner ML starter bot written by the Two Sigma team trained against some of the bots in our internal hackathon. tscommander-ml