Before submitting a bot, make sure you adhere to our guidelines, or the upload or compilation of your bot will fail.

  1. You should have a MyBot.{extension for language} in the root folder of your zip. For Rust, this should be a cargo.toml
  2. If you are building on top of starter kit provided by us, make sure to include the hlt folder.

Upload your bot

  • Website: You can use the play page in the Halite website to submit your bot.
  • Halite Client: If you enjoy a command line experience, you can use the Halite Client tool to upload your bot.

Most common issue

If you compress your .zip file by compressing the folder containing all the files, you will get a compilation error.

- /Submission
|- /hlt

As you can see, the first has the folder then the files. Instead, put files in the root of the document - highlight all the files that you want to compress, not the file containing them.
- /hlt