Download or install our CLI

Download: Halite Client

or use curl (Google auth not needed)

curl >

or pip install it!

pip install hlt_client

Note: if you choose to pip install, replace all references of ./client below with hlt

Ready, Set, Authenticate

Before using the tool’s features, you must authenticate it to act on your behalf. This is done as follows:

./ auth

Uploading Bots

Are you a speed demon? Do you like quickly iterating and submitting your bots? We have you covered. We have a new CLI tool for you to quickly upload bots from the terminal. To do so, simply provide the zip file as follows:

./ bot -b [PATH_TO_ZIP]

Note that the zip file must have the MyBot executable in the topmost directory, and should likely include your “hlt/” library folder in that same directory. But don’t fret: if you forgot, the CLI will tell you.


In order to build better and stronger ML bots, we provide you a large number of replay files from all bots to build upon. To help with the download process, we provide the capability to download (and unzip) those replays built-in to the CLI. Use as follows:

./ replay date -t YYYYMMDD -d [destination_folder]  # Example date: 20171023 

You may also download a user’s specific files as follows:

./ replay user -i [user_id] -l [maximum_number_of_files] -d [destination_folder]

Note that if you exclude -i, you’ll just download your own replays.


Want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Well, going to the gym is the best bet, then. The gym option plays any halite bot against any other set of bots for the designated number of times in the desired map. Then it gives you the success stats for each bot (either 2 or 4 bots). Run as follows:

./ gym -r [run_command_1] -r [run_command_2] -b [path_to_halite_binary] -i [number of runs] -H [map_height] -W [map_width]
# Example: ./ gym -r "python3" -r "python3" -b "halite" -i 100 -H 240 -W 160